Category: Chinese medicine philosophy

Healthy Eating Principles of TCM

Our Spleen is the main digestive organ in Chinese medicine.  It separates the pure from the impure from food and extracts Qi, or vital energy, to be used for proper functioning of our body and mind.  The Spleen can become…

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Winter Solstice – When Yin Becomes Yang

Yin and Yang are the dualistic interdependent forces found in nature that we experience everyday such as the solstice when dark yeilds to light.  If we stand back and look at the year as a whole we see that the…

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What is the Right Exercise Routine for You?

When I was in living China, every morning while the “East is Red” was blaring through the University speakers, groups of seniors would congregate in the courtyards that my dorm balcony overlooked and begin a quiet gentle movement routine. Some were…

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