“My health and well-being has improved by leaps and bounds. I honestly do not recall having this good of a team ever.”

Welcome to my Evanston acupuncture practice where I use acupuncture and customized Chinese herbal medicine for a variety of health issues with a special interest in women’s health and fertility treatment.  For 18 years I have treated complex cases in integrative medicine settings including chronic pain, digestive and respiratory disorders, immune disorders, anxiety, insomnia, stress related conditions, and pediatrics.  I use low level laser acupuncture when appropriate as a safe and painless technique that can in some cases be used instead of needles (for very young children or the needle-phobic).

My practice is guided by the principle that gentle intervention promotes normal functioning.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are combined when appropriate to address the unique manifestations of imbalance in each individual.  Chinese herbal medicine seeks to balance not only the individual patient but also the individual herbs within a formula to enhance the effects and offset any potential negative effects.  Because it treats the person, not just a disease, acupuncture can often address many issues simultaneously.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as an alternative treatment for many problems making more invasive interventions unnecessary. When used in combination with Western medicine, TCM can fill in the gaps of conventional treatment, help reduce need for medication and side effects while increasing function and resiliency. Treatments are a collaboration to find and remove obstacles to healing and to add nourishing elements in the realms of diet, lifestyle and self-care practices.

Nicole Hohmann, MS, LAc, DiplOM, FABORM     847-217-3505  nicolehohmann@yahoo.com 1565 Sherman Ave Evanston, IL 60201

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