Nicole Hohmann, MS, LAc, DiplOM, FABORM  Shop Wellevate Dispensary

Welcome to my Evanston acupuncture practice where I use acupuncture and customized Chinese herbal medicine for a variety of health issues with a results-oriented approach.

“My health and well-being has improved by leaps and bounds.”  A satisfied patient

“Acupuncture with Nicole was relaxing, stress free, and amazing.” Lindsey B


In practice since 2001, I have treated complex cases in integrative medicine settings including chronic pain, digestive and respiratory disorders, immune disorders, anxiety, insomnia, stress-related conditions, pediatrics, and women’s health and fertility for which I have advanced training.  For more about me, see my bio.


My practice is guided by the principle that gentle intervention promotes normal functioning. When appropriate, I use Low Level Laser acupuncture as a safe and painless technique that can in some cases be used instead of needles (for very young children or the needle-phobic).


Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as an alternative treatment for many problems making more invasive interventions unnecessary. When used in combination with Western medicine, TCM can fill in the gaps of conventional treatment, may help reduce the need for medication and side effects while increasing function and resiliency. 

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  1. Nicole
    I am a client from your time at North shore university health care in Glenview. And am inquiring what appt times you have open to see me for acupuncture.

    Patricia Lane

    1. Hi Patricia! Please email me and I will send you some appointment times. Thank you!

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