Herbs to power and detox your cells

The mitochondrial theory of aging upholds that oxidative stress over time affects lifespan in that it eventually begins to damage our DNA, creating instability and corrupting our ability to create proper proteins for detox and repair. Aside from aging (including infertility), this can translate into fatigue, cognitive issues, decreased exercise tolerance to name a few symptoms. Our amazing human bodies have innate systems to counter oxidative stress, stimulate detoxification and enhance energy production on the cellular level. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were natural substances that could help us up-regulate such a system? Wait! There are! Many herbs have been found to do this very wonderful thing. 

Below is a list of herbs, Chinese and Western herbal medicines, I’ve encountered in my recent perusal of the literature that up-regulate our Nrf2 antioxidant system. (These lists are not for self-medication purposes; consult your highly qualified neighborhood herbalist. Also, these are only some of the herbs that have been studied; likely many more herbs will be found to have such beneficial properties.)

Jiang Huang/curcuma, Lu cha/camelia sinensis, Ginkgo leaf, Gao Liang Jiang/alpinia, Dan Shen/salvia, Chai Hu/bupleurum, Hu Jiao/piper puberulum, Huang Qi/scutellaria, Sang Ye/kaempferol containing herbs, Qi Ye Shu/horse chestnut, Du Zhong/eucommia, Gan Cao/licorice, Huang Qin/scutellaria, Jiao Gu Lan/gynostemma, Korean ginseng, Wu Wei Zi/schizandra, Rosemary, grape seed, garlic. 

Here are some herbs that boost the power making capacity of our mitochondria, the battery organelle inside our cells: 

Suo Yang/Cynomori,Tu Si Zi/Cuscutae, Rou Cong Rong/Cistanche, Bu Gu Zhi/Psoralia, Du Zhong/Eucommia, Gu Sui Bu/Drynaria, Rou Cong Rong/Curculigo, Ba Ji Tian/Morinda, Yin Yang Huo/Epimedium, Xu Duan/Dypsacus. Shan Zha/Hawthorn, Hu Zhang/Polygonum (resveratrol), Ginkgo leaf, Korean ginseng/Hong shen, Rhodiola

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