Winter Solstice – When Yin Becomes Yang

Sunrise (Photo credit: mathstop) Of

Yin and Yang are the dualistic interdependent forces found in nature that we experience everyday such as the solstice when dark yeilds to light.  If we stand back and look at the year as a whole we see that the light balances out the dark and vice versa.  This philosophy gives one perspective that “this too shall pass.” The bad times will pass, the good times also will be transient. So let us be present to experience ‘what is’ in a non-judgemental way.  Let us not get too dragged down by the bad nor too dependent on the good for our happiness. Let us cultivate a middle path where we can walk unharmed by such emotional swings. Let us relax that if our toddler eats only grapes today, he may eat only meat tomorrow and only noodles the next day and it will all eventually be ok.  Balance will come over time if not all in a day. Happy Solstice!

English: Yin & Yang
English: Yin & Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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