Safe and gentle technique. Acupuncture has thousands of years of clinical experience and a growing body of research showing its efficacy for regulating stress, hormones, reducing pain and much more.

Chinese herbal medicine

High quality herbal granules from manufacturers that perform tests on every batch for purity of ingredients, customized for you in our compounding herbal formulary.


Enjoy healthy, radiant skin, naturally. Microneedling was used by emperors in China to stay youthful and radiant. Reduces wrinkles, corrects hyperpigmentation, improves texture, and reduces scarring.

Functional Nutrition

Discover what your body truly needs now to function optimally. A personalized nutrient plan based on comprehensive lab work that can reveal deficiencies caused by stress, illness, toxins, genetics, and your unique biochemistry.

Laser acupuncture and LED therapy

These safe and painless treatments, also known as photobiomodulation, the use of visible or infrared light to enhance healing, are used with acupuncture or as an alternative to needles.

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