NicoleHohmannOutdoorHeadshotWe are complex beings embedded in a web of influences: our natural environment, our emotions and relationships, our genetic potential, our activities, our nutrition, to name a few.  Nicole first developed an appreciation for our interconnectedness with nature growing up on her family’s farm in rural Wisconsin. Her interest in Chinese medicine was sparked when she took a Qigong class while studying ethnoecology.  (Qigong is a meditative healing exercise based on the Chinese philosophy of the relationships between humans and nature). This led her to Shanghai, where she interned in a teaching hospital of Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and became deeply impressed with the sophistication, safety and efficacy of this system of healthcare.

She holds a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Midwest College for Oriental Medicine and is board certified in both Oriental medicine (NCCAOM) and Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She completed a fellowship in Oriental Reproductive Medicine in Nanjing, China where she studied with four TCM physician specialists in integrated hospitals.

She is passionate about integrating a more holistic and functional philosophy of healthcare with our modern medicine and has experience treating complex cases for a hospital integrative medicine program since 2001. She has also studied yoga and meditation through the Himalayan Institute and is a former teacher and clinic supervisor for the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Outside of practice, she enjoys being a mom to her two young children. 


Nicole Hohmann, MS, LAc, DiplOM, FABORM     847-217-3505  nicolehohmann@yahoo.com 1565 Sherman Ave Evanston, IL 60201

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